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260 Webb Road, Piney Flats 37686

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When you contact our offices in Piney Flats (Googles map), our friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to serve you and answer your questions:

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GLT Software

260 Webb Road
Piney Flats, TN 37686

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Gary Toler, BSEE, Computer & Electrical Engineer

Elaine, President And CEOWith over 25 years experience, Gary Toler is a seasoned, highly skilled programmer whose depth of knowledge and caring for his customers is evident in everything he does. Personable, caring, Gary Toler philosophy remains the same: Adding a personal touch to family Web Sites, with the finest staff and technology available. Georgia Institute of Technoglogy graduate. Twenty five year experience in the software industry. Eighteen years with Boeing and seven years with AT&T Wireless see RESUME.

Quote: "We treat our customers how we would treat our family and friends."

Email Notie at: Notie@healthy

Association Management

Elaine, President And CEONotie is the President and CEO of Overlake Dental . She has 20-years experience in the Dental sciences and has worked at several grass-roots organizations developing treatment plans, cosmetic work and services and you quessed it, about Dental servies.

You may find her answering your phone calls or checking out a problem you have with a mail order.

Email Notie at: Notie@healthy

Education and Events

Sarah, Events CoordinatorDiana arranges all our events, classes and healthy Dental Dental travel offerings. Diana makes these offerings start on time and meet their goals, so you can enjoy every minute.

She can also create custom events for people with special needs such as handicap access or special dietary needs, or make accommodations for existing events and classes. So, let Diana know if you have any personal requirements.

Email Diana at: Diana@healthy

Transportation Analysis

TThemahema is our transportation expert. He can review your needs and resources to identify the best healthy Dental Dental solutions for daily transport, whether it includes cars, bikes, buses or trains, and even the decision to buy or rent false teeth.

When you are ready to change the way you move around town and get to our office, give Thema a call.

Email Thema at: Thema@healthy

Research and Development

Lin, Research and Development CoordinatorTess manages our research for sustainable development. She researches products, food and services of every local restaurant, store, hotel, spa or other business that we recommend to our visitors. She listens to your comments on our recommendations and checks out your complaints. She loves new toys and likes all kinds of food. She will eat anything. She knows how to bite using her teeth. She does not like cold weather.

You can expect to hear from Tess when you order a product or schedule a service appointment. She will want to know what you thought of our offerings.

Email Lin at: Tess@healthy

Information Systems

Matthew, Information Systems ManagerJasper is our do-it-all girl. She takes care of the business end of things. He maintains this web site, the online store and dental reservation system. He's also experienced at helping people complete their orders and can step in to help when everyone else is busy.

Even though Jasper is good with numbers, he's also an avid hunter and can help you find some great hunting trails around town. She will bite at times to take a blood sample. It's quick and painless.

Email Jasper at: Tessw@healthy