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Teeth Healthy Tips (Accordion.htm) Example

At Home
  • Rince teeth with water
  • Coffee, Pop and Citrus products are hard on teeth
  • Use a ultrasonic tooth brush
  • Flow twice a day
  • Check you smile in a mirror
  • Eat more flax seeds
  • Don't chew on ice
  • Don't bite on hard candy
  • Apple juice is hard on teeth
  • Tomato juce is acid
  • Tea is more akaline
  • Brush at night
  • Use a mouth rinse
  • Use glass cookwear
  • Take your false teeth out at nignt
  • Unplug unused appliances
  • Be careful with too much cold drinks
  • Drink lemon juice with a staw
  • Use honey instead of sugar
  • Dispose of junk food
  • Buy fruits and vegetables
At Work
  • Bring a tooth brushe to work.
  • Bring floss to work
  • Go to the bath room and brush your mouth
  • Don't use foolish language
  • x1
  • x2
  • Coffee is hard on the teeth
  • Bring you lunch to work
  • Use care at restrants
  • Join a carpool or take public transportation to relax & read a good book
  • Turn the thermostat up
  • Floss between meals
  • Use email instead of fax or regular mail when possible avoid the post office
  • Install water filters on water taps, use bottled water
  • Don't use your mouth as a garage disposal
  • Keep a mirrow at work
  • Use a water rinse after meals
In the Community
  • Carpool with neighbors to school or the shopping mall
  • Put the leaf blowers away and get out the rakes
  • Water early in the morning or after the sun sets
  • Bring your own bags when shopping
  • Don't idle at the train station or in parking lots - carbon moxicide is poison
  • Create a community garden for herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Recycle dead branches and lawn waste as mulch
  • Ask your local government to institute policies promating safey
  • Form walking/biking clubs
  • Form a subscription club to swap newspapers and magazines
  • Plant more trees
  • BBQ with neighbors to use less propane/charcoal
  • Cut grass less frequently or use a push mower
  • Schedule garage sales on the same day
  • Use reusable dishware for parties
  • Plant indigenous trees and shrubs that need little water
  • Use natural fertilizers and pesticides
  • Collect rainwater in covered containers for plants and trees
  • Keep clean